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A lot has changed since I first launched this website.

I got married.  Had two kids.  Finally shaved off the goatee.

I swore that I'd move to Texas about a dozen times.  But I'm still here, so I guess some things haven't changed.

And, sometime around 2010, I stopped updating this site regularly.  I had a lot of other things in the hopper and it just became more and more difficult to find the time to keep this site updated.  I always enjoyed writing it, but it fell by the wayside as time became scarce.

So, I’m thrilled to say that I’m now writing about politics and public policy issues again — over at the Illinois Mirror.

So, what is it all about? From my first entry:

Illinois' legacy, calcified media long ago abdicated its obligation to provide useful knowledge that engenders an informed public. We don’t really care if it’s out of disinterest, laziness, partisanship, or cozy relationships with those in power, but the establishment media outlets stand by and tap their keyboards while Illinois crumbles.

So, if the air-brushed, teleprompter-fed local media won’t do its job, Illinois Mirror will.

We accept the responsibility that they abandoned. We’ll offer a perspectives that they ignore to reveal how Illinois government really works and its effects on the public.

Our perspective is explicit: first, Illinois Mirror upholds individual liberty as the highest political value and believes in public policy that enhances the freedom of Illinoisans to pursue their separate interests and live their lives as they desire; second, political party affiliation is of little to concern to us (and in this state, it’s hard to tell the difference); third, we recognize that in the real world, there are more than two sides to a story.

Illinois Mirror will unearth, shine a spotlight on, dig up, illuminate (and use a bunch of other metaphors) to bring you facts and stories absent from the political conversation in our state. We’re not going to show you both sides of the story because there are more than two sides. And we’ll always give you the aspect that is ignored by your local paper, news broadcasts, and superannuated reporters gathering dust in the corridors of City Hall and the Capitol building.

We’ll give you the liberty perspective.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new project and visit it often.

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